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Thread: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

    Day 48
    Central Forces (Quest 80):
    The time seems to be perfect for the re-transformation of our beloved piggy. To do that we need the centrifuge and a formula we get from the members of "Cocuraffle".
    Tonkarius gives us a box that contains the centrifuge. Additionally he tells us the first part of the formula: the name of the travelpig
    Heather Rose's part is: REDIT
    Matricia's part: FACIES
    Pilou's part of the formula is a number: 9,80665
    BW's part: DISSIMULATA
    Tombo's part (He stands at the bridge to the forbidden area.): VERA
    Lorena knows the last part: PERIT; she also gives us her safety goggles.
    Now we need a nice little place where we can erect the centrifuge. The altar where we once rescued our pig seems to be the ideal place. When we arrive at the alter we click on the centrifuge in our inventory.
    Now we have to recite the formula. The correct order is: <your pig's name> VERA REDIT FACIES DISSIMULATA PERIT 9.80665
    Afterwards the centrifuge needs energy. We use the star's energy in our inventory.
    The centrifuge starts to rotate. Right after we report to Tonkarius a little dove delivers a new message from Tombo. He informs us that the druid has been seen in the forbidden area.
    We find him in front of the centrifuge. After a little chat the druid jumps into the centrifuge. Obviously he tries to stop it.
    Back to Tonkarius as soon as we can. Unfortunately we cannot do anything but sit and wait.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

    Day 54
    End of the Pig Atmosphere (Quest 81):
    We receive a message from Lorena. We are to come as soon as possible to the centrifuge.
    The druid and our sweet piggy stand next to the centrifuge, but, the conversation with them is kind of strange. ... Did they exchanged their bodies?!
    The pig is following us at every turn. We have to get rid of it, somehow.
    What we need is a strong opponent. We had better find the 13th bear (The one we did not kill 2 quests ago.). Unfortunately the spot he appears at is determined randomly.
    The search is not that easy since the travel pig bites us every time we stop. When we want to go on we have to refresh our browser first.
    As soon as we find the bear we hide. The bear eats the pig and then vanishes.
    We return to the centrifuge. And hooray, the druid really turns out to be our beloved but transformed piggy. He starts his way to Tonkarius's palace. He wants to meet us there again.
    Once there he tells us that he regained his memory. In a few days he wants to visit the "Great Mother" to consult her. Another good thing to happen: Tonkarius proposed marriage to Lorena.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

    Day 60
    The Happy Golem (Quest 82):
    We receive 4 messages at once from our ex-pig, Karamix, Senkel and Jolasius. The latter 3 messages are not really important but our beloved ex-piggy writes that matricia will give us some new tasks. Furthermore not-anymore-piggy informs us that Cocuraffle has new members.
    Matricia is to craft a golem for us. To do this she needs 77 units of clay.
    As soon as we get the golem we need to get the handprints of every member of Cocuraffle on the golems body. There is just one problem: The members must be happy!
    Matricia is happy and immediately gives her handprint to us. Unfortunately it is not that easy to get the other member's handprints.
    We visit Eulalie and the druid in the tavern on the Roman beach. Luckily we don't have to stink this time. When we touch Eulalie and the druid we become energized.
    Charged up like this we go to Stan. He has some toy monkeys he got from the windows of time, but, they are not working. Just a little touch from us and those monkeys get the power they need. Stan is happy and gives us his handprint. Additionally he gives us one of the toy monkeys.
    BW could do with that monkey. He can hardly control the pupils anymore, but with the new toy calm is restored. Now we get BW's handprint and a dummy (NO, not a crash test dummy!!!)
    With the dummy in our back pack (still not a crash test dummy! ) we go to Isolde. We get her handprint and a comb.
    Now we go to Senkel. He is not interested in the comb but gives us his handprint anyway since he already is happy.
    Off we go to Heather Rose. She has an uncorrected manuscript and searches for somebody who can correct it. Therefore we have to charge ourselves with energy again at Eulalie.
    Recharged we go to Shaurik who stands in front of our house. We give him an electric shock. Now he is willed to read Heather Rose's manuscript. And of course we also get his handprint.
    With the corrected manuscript we return to Heather Rose who also places her handprint on our sweet golem. Additionally she gives us her old recipe collection.
    Pilou is pleased when we give the recipes to him. We get his handprint and some old grape seeds.
    At the moment we don't know what to do with those seeds. So we head back to Eulalie to recharge ourselves again. Now we go to the hole where Lorena's house used to be and grab some soil. Due to our inner electricity it turns into fiery soil.
    And again we go to Eulalie to recharge ourselves. After that we go to Tonkarius's palace. In the very right part of the throne room (maybe you have to minimize the chat windows) we see a lice-ridden bear. An electric shock kills all the lice and we can comb them out easily. Now we get Lorena's handprint and an invitation card.
    We give the invitation card to Livius who gives us his handprint and two XXL-bottles of olive oil in return.
    We give one of the bottles to Lumpik. He gives us his handprint and a barrel of water.
    Finally we have enough items to return to Jolasius. He needs the grape seeds, the fiery soil and the water to replant his vineyard. Jolasius is happy and gives us his handprint. Additionally he gives us the written confirmation to call the new wine "Lorena".
    Karamix gets the second bottle of olive oil (he is in Kippfix's house). He gives us his handprint and an address book in return.
    Tombo is pleased about the address book. This time Tombo is to be found at the ruin near the southern grainfield where he is writing a report for Tonkarius. We get Tombo's handprint and the report for Tonkarius.
    We bring the report from Tombo and the confirmation from Jolasius to Tonkarius. His handprint finally completes our golem.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

    Day 66
    Down with the Curse! (Quest 83):
    We receive a message from our former travel pig (FTP). Finally the curse can be broken. FTP awaits us in front of the divine forge in the forbidden area. (Remember: It's strange but yes, FTP looks exactly like the druid. Amazing!!! )
    FTP tells us that we need the help of our ancestors. Horatio is already with us (in the vial in our inventory) but we also need our direct predecessors. Tonkarius knows where to find them (Hint: That means that we have to visit Tonkarius ).
    Tonkarius tells us that we would find the remains of them in the cellar of the ruin of his "Summer Resort" and that Tombo would wait for us in front of the ruin.
    The "Summer Resort" is the ruin near the southern grain field. Tombo already cleared the track to the cellar-vault for us. A simple click on the ruin and we are in.
    In the cellar are some urns and coffins. We need the black urn in the northern corner (the remains of our ancestor from generation 1) and the brown wooden coffin in the southern corner (the remains of our ancestor from generation 2).
    Now we return to FTP in front of the devine forge.
    We have to place the golem inside the forge (on the big table right opposite of the entrance).
    The golem is hungry and thirsty. We give him the last vial of water from the fountain of youth to drink and the pieces of the amulet to eat. (In case he doesn't take any further pieces of the amulet after the first one refresh your browser.)
    As soon as he has digested everything he spits out the reassembled amulet. We pick it up and give it to FTP in front of the forge.
    At last the curse is broken and our ancestors return into the world of the living. They stand outside of the forge. When you always dreamt of giving your ancestors a huge hug THIS is the time to do so. Just talk to them and feel the love of your family .
    Tonkarius is throwing a huge party in his palace and all the NPCs are invited. The party lasts 24 hours and during that time we can eat at his palace as much as we can gulp (for free). In the meantime Senkel's tavern is closed.
    Additionally we can choose a last reward: We have to choose between "time-off" (one free meal and one free drink per day on an island in the Roman camp) or a "VIP-card" (two weeks of gold club membership for free).

    The curse is broken! You finished the last quest! Congratulation!!!!!!!
    On day 67 we get a last message from FTP. He and some of the NPCs left the country. Tombo, Stan, Pilou, Matricia, Jolasius, Senkel and Isolde will stay with us.

    That's it! You are through!! Congrats!!! That was the last quest! Good Bye
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