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Thread: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Day 90
    The Poisoning / Plague VI
    (Quest 68):
    We get a message from Lorena. Pilou has moved back into his old house and lies in bed mortally ill.
    Pilou looks really bad. Obviously he ate a poisonous mushroom.
    Let's see BW. We need somebody who can brew a potion out of 13 poisonous mushrooms, children's tears and a hair of the beard of somebody in love.
    Of course Matricia will take over the brewing of the potion. Unfortunately she has no jar of children's tear. We should get one.
    But first we deal with the mushrooms. Fortunately poisonous mushrooms are easy to find.
    Now we need to get the children's tears and a suitable jar. Karamix allows us to take tears of his children. Additionally he tells us how to make them cry: peeling onions.
    We find an onion right of Jolasius's vineyard. After talking about it (with Jolasius) we can pick it. After picking the onion we talk to Jolasius again!
    The problem with the jar can be solved by Lorena. She gives us two empty perfume bottles.
    Now we return to Karamix who allows us to make his children cry. After talking to both of them we are in possession of children's tears.
    We still need the hair of the beard. We cannot use Senkel's hairs but luckily Isolde is suffering from unexpected growth of a beard. Quickly we take one hair and return to Matricia.
    She is brewing the antidote. We take it to Pilou but he refuses to drink it.
    Lorena could tell us how to make him drink the antidote but she wants one of the robbers hats in return. Obviously we have no choice. Finally we make Pilou drink the antidote. He immediately returns to his cookshop.

    Day 93
    A Message from Lorena / The double agent
    (Quest 69):
    Lorena writes that she went to the forbidden area and that she realised that the druid really has bad intentions. She wants to talk to us but that's not that easy since she is invisible when we enter the forbidden area.
    BW tells us to visit Horatio. He is in his grave above the vineyard. Horatio hints us to two items called "Stereocel" and "Tadamonica".
    We receive those items from Tonk who stands in front of the ruins (his former palace). Unfortunately we have to give him our two pieces of the amulet in return. *snif*
    Indeed we meet Lorena in the forbidden area when we take the very first path to the west. She warns us that the next plague will hit Heather Rose. Lorena also tells us that she will keep an eye on the druid.
    When we return to the divine forge we meet the druid who teleports us to the jail.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Day 96
    Hairy Story / Plague VII
    (Quest 70):
    We get 3 messages at once. wow, are we so popular? The letters are from Heather Rose, Jolasius and Karamix. Jolasius and Karamix say good bye since the two of them start journeys. Heather Rose is asking for help.
    When we arrive at Heather Rose we hardly recognise her. Her hair is rampant. She can hardly speak appropriately anymore.
    BW tells us to meet Isolde.
    Isolde offers us to cut Heather Rose's hair. In return she wants Senkel to shepherd her .... *drummroll* ... yes! her sheep.
    Senkel agrees to do so willingly but he needs a stand-in at his tavern. Heather Rose can't do it and he distinctly debars Stan from doing it.... Let's go and search for a suitable stand-in
    Jolasius and Karamix are away. Matricia doesn't feel like doing the job, neither does Tombo (He is located in front of the jail now). Fortunately Pilou will do it but he demands 10 fish in return.
    As soon as we get the fish we return to Pilou. He just wants to cook the fish while we inform Senkel that Pilou is the new stand-in. Senkel sends us to tell Isolde that he will come to take care of her sheep.
    We talk a bit to Isolde and then we go back to Heather Rose. When we arrive Isolde already cut her hair and she looks normal again.
    All of a sudden the pupils appear and announce that the spell of protection won't stop them anymore. Furthermore they allied with their father again and have pignapped our beloved piggy ....again!... *snif* oh nooooooooo.

    Day 99
    Confrontation / Disempowerment
    (Quest 71):
    Senkel, Isolde and all her sheep bid farewell via a pigeon. Heather Rose will take over the tavern until they return.
    Senkel also mentions the water card. Maybe we can see something on it?
    And really. A red X appeared in the forbidden area. Unfortunately the way to the forbidden area gets complicated since Tonk's ruins finally collapsed completely.
    Luckily we find a new way at the place where the ferryman used to be (south of the guild area, first turn after Heather Rose's house).
    There we meet Lorena. She stands in front of a bridge that was built by the druid and his pupils. Mortal people cannot pass but we are still considered to be seemingly death.
    At the lake that is marked on the card we meet the druids and his pupils. Piggy is with them (poor piggy ).
    As soon as we talk to the druid he banishes us into the jail. Luckily Tombo is positioned there and of course he releases us immediately. Tombo suggests to turn the tables... Sounds good, but the question is: HOW????
    Again it is BW who gives the crucial hint to combine the "Bitter One" and the "Fallen One" to the "Turnaroundstone".
    The "Bitter One" is the gall stone of our ancestor. He demands a coffin in return. Surprise, Stan is just offering one for just 2 gold.
    We take the coffin to our ancestor and receive the gall stone.
    The "Fallen One" is the meteorite that bounced onto Lorena's house. We touch it with the gall stone that changes its form. Tadaaaaaah... We hold the Turnaroundstone in our hands.
    With the help of that stone we can go and challenge the druid.
    Again the druid wants to teleport us away but this time it is him who gets moved away. The pupils are no obstacle. They let us pass.
    We follow the path. Left of the camp we find a spot at which we can search for the piece of the amulet (in the water). The lake is too deep for fishing but our talented piggy can get it out of the water.
    We take the piece of the amulet to Tonk who will keep it in safe custody for our descendant.

    End of Generation 2 Quests!!!!
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Generation 3

    Day 0
    The Third Generation Starts/ Introduction (Quest 72):
    Our ancestors died finally and our latest successor is all alone. Luckily we receive a message from Tonkarius
    (I also call him "The artist formerly known as Tonk" ... or "TafkaT".... sorry for the bad joke ~ nasty). Tonk asks us to visit him in his rebuilt palace.
    The old ruin is gone and replaced by a new magnificent palace. Let's see what Tonk has to say.
    First of all Tonk wants us to choose an occupation. He also gives us some resources.
    So off we go and get a job. After that we tell him that we have done as required.
    Now we can immediately pick a second occupation. Of course we tell him again that we got the job.
    After all that hard work he still has something for us to do. We are to get back some belongings of our ancestors.
    First thing to get back is the pieces of the amulet. They are hidden on three different places in Tonks palace:
    1. The first piece: We enter the palace and take the first door to the right. In the next room we take the first door to the right again. We are in the kitchen. There we search the piece of the amulet in the fish.

    2. The second piece: We go up one floor. There we go straight ahead. We choose the upper of the two doors that lie right next to each other. The piece of the amulet can be found on the edge of the basin of the left well.

    3. The third piece: We go to the fourth floor. We go through the second door (count clockwise starting from the stairs) and we find ourselves in a little bed room. The piece of the amulet is on the cupboard in the very left corner of the room. (NOTE: there is also something in the middle of the cupboard, but we MUST search at the top of it)

    With the three pieces in our back pack we return to Tonk who now really believes our ancestry. He hands over a letter of recommendation.
    Heather Rose (still to be found in Senkel's tavern) gives us the fishing rod. Additionally she tells us that Tonk allows us to fish everywhere where we can find a jetty.
    Matricia gives us the Tadamonica. Btw: She is also caring for our beloved piggy. So when we want to have it back we just have to tell Matricia.
    Lorena left a note at the door of her house (still Pilou's old house): She had to go to the forbidden area. She would get in touch with us when she is back. Then she would give us one of the robbers hats.
    Tombo (still to be found at the jail of the guild area) gives us the Stereocel.
    With all this fashionable stuff we return to Tonk. He congratulates us on that amazing success.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Day 6
    Salt and Youth (Quest 73):
    Lorena is writing to us. She wants to hand over the robbers hat and awaits us in Pilou's old house.
    Lorena reports that it was decided that the pupils are to be eliminated.
    Just as in the last generation it is BW who has the good tips. He wants 5 phials full of water for his brothers and one "for the future" filled with water of a fountain of youth from the Teuton Area.
    And wow, the border north of the swamp that leads to the area of the Teutons is finally passable. When we follow a bit of the path we soon meet Lumpik who offers us to buy some water from the fountain of youth. For a beginning we take just one bottle for 50 silver.
    As soon as we bought the bottle of water we have to realize that Lumpik is a swindler. Unfortunately he wont let us pass either.
    When we visit Tombo we see that the druid turned into a pillar of salt. So the druid finally got what he deserved. We ask Tombo whether we are permitted to chop off a piece of the druid. And yes, we are.
    With the salt in our bag we return to Lumpik. We throw the salt into the lake right of his house. The lake turns green and Lumpik the little sissy starts to cry and we can pass.
    We follow the path to the east until we reach a new express cave. There we turn to the south.
    Shaurik the guard of the fountain of youth lets us pass without any problems. He even offers us some phials. With another click on the fountain we fill 6 phials with it's water.
    With the phials we go to the forbidden area. The pupils still stand at the little lake where we last saw them (in Gen2). One click on the phials (in our inventory) makes the pupils drink the water. That makes them "come to their senses"
    All of them disappear. We find them in Lorena's home where BW takes care of them.
    A last little talk with Tonkarius will provide us with one gold and the quest is finished.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Day 12
    Redemption (Quest 74):
    Again we receive a message from Tonkarius. It seems that we bear the blame for an imminent war. We are to go as soon as possible to the new palace. (Note: Tonkarius is INSIDE of the palace. when you enter go into the room straight ahead. He is sitting on a throne.)
    The Teutons threaten us with war because we demolished Lumpik's property. Now we should smooth over the differences with Lumpik.
    Lumpik demands compensation for the damage: 9876 gold and 50 silver!!!!
    Shaurik gives us a huge hint on how to get such a large sum. He encourages us to tread the path of evil. We have to decide for one way!!!! Those ways are to be described now (NOTE: We cannot change the way afterwards!!!!):

    1. The Way of Strength
    We have to defraud Livius and his wife Botoxine of their retirement fund. First we have to spy on them.
    Tombo is enjoying his free day just in front of Livius' house. He longs for a Club Sandwich from Heather Rose.
    Heather Rose gives us that very sandwich for free (yay!). Fortunately Tombo forgets everything around him when he eats such a sandwich. So we can enter Livius' house without any problems.
    Livius tells us that they buried jewellery of the exact value we need. Botoxine gives away the approximate position of the little treasure by talking about Lorena's little kitten.
    Lorena tells us where her kitten is buried: near a little water fall south of Livius' and Botoxine's house. When we dig there we really find the jewellery. We return to Lumpik.
    Lumpik accepts the jewellery.
    When we tell Tonkarius about the appeasing of the Teutons he deducts 30 OP from us as a punishment.

    2. The Way of Cunning
    When we choose this way we have to rob the bank of Gaul.
    Tombo stands in front of the bank and longs for a Club Sandwich from Heather Rose.
    Heather Rose gives it for free. Tombo forgets everything around himself and we can enter the bank without any problems.
    Unfortunately we have such an innocent and honest face that the financier would remember it. So off we go and get a dog mask from Pilou.
    When we are back in the bank we click on the mask in our inventory and *drum roll* ... rob the bank.
    With the loot we return to Lumpik who is satisfied with it.
    When we tell Tonkarius about the appeasing of the Teutons he deducts 60 OP from us as a punishment.

    3. The Way of Magic
    When we choose this way we have to steal a vase of the required value out of Tonkarius' palace.
    First we ask Tonkarius whether he owns a vase of that value.
    On the first floor we take the first door to the left and enter a room with two ponds. We find the vase in the left corner.
    Here we also meet Tombo who longs for a Club Sandwich.
    Heather Rose gives it for free. Tombo forgets everything around himself while eating it.
    Unfortunately the vase is too heavy for us. We go to Matricia. She tells us a spell which will make the vase portable: Salmei Dalmei Adonei
    We bring the vase to Lumpik.
    When we tell Tonkarius about the appeasing of the Teutons he deducts 40 OP from us as a punishment.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Day 18
    The Windows of Time (Quest 75):
    Tonkarius sends a message. He needs a centrifuge to re-transform somebody called Moritz. He doesn't know where to find it. Maybe Stan can help?
    Unfortunately Stan doesn't know what a centrifuge is. He sends us to Lorena.
    We find Lorena in her house. She agrees to meet us at the temple in the forbidden area to explain the function of time windows to us.
    To be able to use the time windows we have to find an egg first. Then this egg can be exchanged for other things again and again.
    The egg can be found right of the portal in the east of the forbidden area.
    We grab it and back we go to the temple. The big exchange starts: Choose a time window, double click on the item you want to swap and hit the OK button.
    Start with the egg. Depending on which time window we use we will get different things in return. The aim is to receive a slingshot at the time window of the past (the window in the very left). Then the slingshot can be exchanged for a centrifuge at the time window of the future (the window in the very right).
    With the centrifuge in our back pack we return to Tonkarius. He has to find out how it works.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Day 24
    Meteor Power (Quest 76):
    Tonkarius finished the analysis of the centrifugal wheel but now he needs something called "electricity" (No clue what that is?! ). Where can we get it?
    Matricia's former teacher Eulalie used to deal with it in the past. In the meanwhile she became blind and lives as a beachcomber in the Roman Empire.
    Instinctively we check the bridge east of Jolasius' vineyard. The bridge is fixed! (Note: Don't try to find Eulalie just because you read this walkthrough. Make sure you talked to Matricia first to tell you about Eulalie!!!)
    We follow the path to the east alongside the beach until we meet Eulalie. Unfortunately she won't talk to us unless we stink heavily (no bath CA hehe muahahahahaha ~ nasty)
    We return to Eulalie with a wonderful odour which is literally visible.
    Eulalie tells us that she once used to experiment with the energy of falling stars. Unfortunately three ships sank because of that: the "Seawitch", the "Heavennaught" and the "Watership". When we fetch one star from each of the ships Eulalie can help us.
    1. Seawitch: We find the Seawitch when we go to Livius' house. When we click on it our beloved and talented piggy will get the star for us.
    2. Heavennaught: The wreck of the Heavennaught can be found in the far south west of the forbidden area. It is in the lake that separates the forbidden area from Gaul.
    3. Watership: The Watership ran aground in the lake west of Lumpik's house. Again piggy will get the star for us.
    With the stars in our bag we return to Eulalie. She puts them in a jar. Now we have to solve a numeric puzzle. We have to calculate with Roman numerals. NOTE: The puzzle is different for EVERYBODY!!!
    (Help is near: here you find a list with Roman numerals)
    NOTE2: You have to enter the solution with Roman numerals!!!!!!
    When the puzzles are solved the stars become heated and the required energy develops in the jar. We report our success to Tonkarius and the quest is finished.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium

    Day 30
    Sheer Terror (Quest 77):
    The Teutons are threatening our world with war again. Apprently someone died because he drank water from Lumpiks salinated lake. Again Tonkarius expects us to solve the problem.
    Lumpik's lake turned into a salt desert. We are to reverse the lake's conversion.
    Shaurik knows what we should do: We shall redirect water from the fountain of youth into the lake. To do that we have to construct a water supply line. The dead trees that stand everywhere in these parts can be used as pillars but we still need wooden boards. All in all we need 290 boards.
    Start with the first fork of a branch northwest of the fountain of youth and work your way towards the lake. Here you see the correct sequence in which you have to click the forks of the branches:
    After we built the water supply line Lumpik's lake is filled with bright water again and
    all the spa visitors returned. Lumpik rewards us with 5 diamonds.
    For the moment peace is kept. We visit Tonkarius to tell him that we were successfull and finish the quest.
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

    This quest requires a lot of running around and finding certain places. Pictures of those places can be found at the bottom of this post. Every place is marked with an alphabetic character.

    Day 36
    Paper Chase (Quest 78):
    Tombo sends us a message. The druid is still alive and wants to eliminate Horatio's ghost. We cannot allow that to happen!
    After a little chat with Tombo at the Teutonic border, who is sure to notice Horatio's smell of alcohol, we receive a pigeon message.
    It seems as if Horatio wants to play tag with us, he will tip Tombo off where to find him. Tombo really gets a note from Horatio that immediately goes into our inventory. The note goes as follows:
    There once was a valiant hero,
    who met his end too quick.
    To hear this tale of great woe,
    seek out the fount of Shaurik.

    So, off we go to Shaurik. He tells us a story about a hero that became bogged down in the swamp while searching for treasures. It is said that his hand bones are still to be seen.
    The hand can be found on the right edge of the swamp (Picture b). We click on it and receive another note. It reads as follows:
    A man sought love, his heart did yearn,
    he asked his Teuton sweetheart.
    She said she would, but you must learn,
    her tale of the apple cart.

    This hints to Heather Rose.
    Heather Rose tells us about a fruit farm with an apple cart. We can find the farm when we follow the path along from the swamp to the robbers hut and then turn to the west. We cross the bridge and see the farm right under the iron foundry (Picture c). There we find another note:
    A secret hiding hole do find,
    where once a man saved his behind.
    The bad guys left all in turmoil,
    our man now deals in olive oil.

    That hints at Livius. He is back in front of the southern bakery selling olive oil. Once he was hiding from soldiers in a rock hole north west of his current position. We find it beneath the southern mill. (Picture d)
    The next note is as follows:
    Even the thickest lump
    knows the merry fisherman's hump.

    That's Pilou. He only gives us a very vague hint on the stoop. When you are there you can see the sun go down behind the apple trees. The place must be somewhere east of apple trees. In the end we find it just right of the fruit farm. Maybe you have to close your chatwindows to see it. (Picture e)
    Again we find a paper:
    Twice this man has called the hordes,
    and hid his fear behind their swords.
    Who's the man who made the shout?
    You know what place this is about?

    That surely refers to Lumpik and his threats of war. Lumpik tells us about a fir tree near the army camp of the Teutons. Once he fell out of that tree. We find the camp at the Teuton's side of the big lake north of the swamp. The fir stands right in front of it. (Picture f)
    And yes, there is a new paper:
    Islander, kidnapped,
    his head in a sack,
    trussed up all proper.
    Sells good in his shack.

    Goods? That must be Stan. We talk to Stan and learn that once he had indeed been kidnapped. He is sure that the sack that covered his head can still be found in the forrest far north of his tavern. We find it in the forrest north of the arena at the place where the witch npc fighter hangs around (Picture g). We click on the sack and get the next paper:
    If the brilliant brother is away
    all the children run astray.
    So back it runs and brings them home,
    never can it further roam.

    This one refers to BW, who is still caring for the pupils in Lorena's (Pilou's) house. He can never walk further than to the water trough south of the house. (Picture h)
    A new note is hidden underneath the trough:
    Which of those came first, I beg
    the chicken or the chicken egg?
    It matters not but bear in mind
    where she did these things first find.

    We go to Lorena in the Forbidden Area to ask her where she found her first egg for the windows of time. She found it east of the temple between two barrels. When we follow the path that leads to the east we will find the barrels at the very end of that path (Picture i). And again we find a note:
    The first sweet kiss
    filled hair and belly with bliss.
    In the dark the kiss grew weak
    but of the belly people speak.

    The kisser is Tombo and the place is his smooching hole in Gaul. We find it in the northern area of Gaul under the lake between Gaul and the Forbidden Area (Picture j). Again a paper *sigh*:
    The gentle tide breaks on the strand,
    another piece of flotsam lands,
    but she waits until you see
    who blinded long ago did flee.

    Well, we have to talk to Eulalie. That means that we have to get back to our natural odour. Means eating, working and fighting but not washing
    Eulalie tells us that a box had just landed on the beach. We find the box when we follow the path along the beach to the very south. At the very end of it we find the box (Picture k) and get the next paper:
    The rulers trophy
    people can not see.
    What's this all about?
    Go and find out!

    The ruler must be Tonkarius. We go to his palace and talk to him. He tells us something about a spear in the guild area (Picture l). It is easy to spot and again we get a paper (Will that paper chace never stop?!):
    Once upon the banks there grew
    the finest herb that ever was.
    Now it grows there nevermore.
    I know who did this cause.

    Herbs are a strong link to Matricia. She knows which herb the text refers to (Sarsaparilla/ Sevenroot). It only grew in the Forbidden Area at a fence near a tower (Picture m). (The tower is the tower in which we once found Stan's coffee)
    This time we don't find any paper but finally Horatio materializes. He refuses to stay with us unless we tell him exactly how to manage it. First we tell him to get sober. To reach that (seemingly unlikely) goal we give him the bottle of Lumpik's Wellness-water to drink by clicking on it in our inventory. Horatio gets sober. Who would have thought it?! Fortunately the empty bottle makes a perfect residence for our beloved uncle Horatio. With a further click on the empty bottle in our inventory Horatio slips into it. We pick the now filled bottle from the ground (again by clicking it) and bring it to Tonkarius.

    NOTE: Andriusa2 and Odin found out that you can get rid of all those notes when you talk to Heather Rose. So go and talk to her to get back lots of space in your inventory . Big thx to Andriusa2 and Odin!!!
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    Re: Walkthrough Compendium (that means all walkthroughs for Gen 1-3)

    Day 42
    The Bears Unleashed (Quest 79):
    Tonkarius warns us that 13 bears are hovering around in our world. Luckily he knows who will defeat them..... Yes! Of course that means us ....
    After a little chat with Tonkarius he waives off one of them. We are to defeat 12 bears and Tonkarius will bother himself with the 13th.
    The bears are really strong. We need some help badly. Eulalie has a good tip. She tells us about the Honeysabre. She wont tell us more before we gather all the flotsam for her. We traipse around the whole beach from north to south and find the following things:
    Right next to Eulalie: A banana
    Two palm trees further in the south: A log book
    At the level of the tavern: A fish hook
    A bit further to the west we find a wooden leg.
    A bit south of the jetty we find an eye patch.
    Then we find a shred of a sail.
    And last but not least a plank

    With the flotsam in our bag we return to Eulalie who tells us something about a pirate. For more information we have to ask a seer.
    So let's go to BW. He tells us that the sabre lies in the soil under a house that had been hit by a stone. That surely means Lorena's old house. Now the question is how to remove the stone?
    We talk to Lorena (She still stands in front of the temple in the forbidden area.) and she gives us nitroglycerin. That should solve the problem.
    We dig a bit in the whole the nitroglycerin caused and find the honeysabre. Finally the bearhunting can start!!!
    13 bears are hiding in the world of Travians. And since this is a walkthrough... erm... I guess I should tell you where to find those bears :
    1. Near our own house between the mine and the tree for chopping wood.
    2. Near the tavern south of the arena (where Karamix used to hang around).
    3. Near the mill in the south.
    4. At the entrance to Gaul.
    5. In the very south of Gaul in the violet field.
    6. Near the eastern border fence of Gaul when we go from the Gaulish camp to the east.
    7. Near the southern brick factory (From time to time a npc fighter lingers around here )
    8. Near the southern carpenter's workshop (the circular path near Livius's house).
    9. After entering the Roman camp we turn into the direction of the lake and follow the path to the end.
    10. West of the tavern in the Roman area (hidden behind a palm tree)
    11. Near Lorena's old house.
    12. At the entrance of the glacial valley in the Teuton area (in the very north east)
    13. On the way to the Teuton army camp.
    The 13th bear vanishes automatically after we killed the twelfth bear. Tonkarius gives us one gold for each of the bears we killed. (You surely understand that this means that we have to talk to Tonkarius after defeating the bears )
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