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    Update 3/14

    Dear players,

    On Wednesday March 14th we will receive another update for the game in which we will receive many new features and bug fixes. For this the server will not be available from about 10:45 till 15:00 server time (GMT+1). We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by that.

    Some features may not work properly unless you clear your browser's cache and Support cannot help you until you tried this likely fix. So please clear your browser's cache right after the update. This way you save yourself some annoyance and can Support focus on real problems. Detailed instructions to clear your cache can be found on:


    New features
    • A new solo quest

      Something terrible has happened on Thalassos. All of the children have been kidnapped over night! Find out who or what is behind this.

    • Three brand new Co-op quests

      We have been working on this feature for quite a while. It's taken a lot of effort and determination to see it through – and now it's finally ready: the unveiling of the new type of quests: cooperative quests, or 'Co-op Quests' for short. These quests can only be played together with a friend. So get together with a Travian you trust and experience a shared adventure. You must first complete the new solo quests on Thalassos before you can play the co-op quests. Good luck and have fun!

    • New extra quest: Feeding the beast

      And if all that's not enough: if you manage to successfully complete all of the co-op quests, you'll get another extra quest! The minotaur is hungry again... and Odysseus fears for his son.

    • Thalassos collection

      You can now give your house the flair of Greek island style with this new collection. Although getting hold of the complete collection will be a little challenge: You all have instantly received access to a part of the collection in the house editor. You can get a further part of the collection by spinning the wheel of fortune. However most of the collection can only be acquired via a previously unknown way...

    • New bingo puzzle: Sandbox

      The puzzle club has also been expanded in this release. This time it's a marmot – a particularly playful critter, that'll keep you on your toes with its sandbox puzzles.

    • House ban with a click

      We were finally able to implement another little feature that some of you have been wanting for quite a while: Whilst ignoring a player it is now possible to throw them out of the house at the same time. Furthermore you're now able to determine whether each player on your ignore list is able to enter your house or not.

    Feature improvements
    • Eating and bathing together with a variable number of players

      Previously 200 people were required for eating together, and 70 for bathing, in order to get the maximum amount of SP yield. These figures are now calculated depending on the number of players online. The more players that are online, the higher the figure. (Though it will never exceed the old values of 200 eaters or 71 bathers.) The fewer players online, the lower the figure. This will therefore make it easier to achieve the maximum amount of SP during off peak times. The number of people you'd currently require can be found henceforth in the bonus times window.
      Sleeping Travians do not count anymore.

    • Artwork instead of scaled-up pixel images

      We have replaced the rather outdated looking pixel images with more contemporary artwork (painted pictures) in some areas of the game. You'll come across them primarily by all of the NPC warriors, Matricia, the brightsmith, Tutorix and Hula. We hope that you like them as much as we do.

    • All express caves now have their names displayed upon mouse-over

      Previously it was almost necessary to learn off by heart which names in the express cave list lead to where, as no names were actually displayed on the express caves themselves. You can now find out the name of an express cave by putting your mouse cursor over it.

    • All NPCs have a special letter design

      The feature isn't exactly new, but there were a few NPCs that still only used the standard letter design. We've been through all of the NPCs and they should all now use the sleeker design for their letters. Actually, when was the last time you paid Penpalus a visit?

    • Arena interface: selected direction arrow more eaily recognizable

      Up until now it wasn't all that clear which attack or block direction was selected. The background of the selected button is now blue so that it's much easier to distinguish it from the others.

    • Sets of furniture: time frames are only displayed for limited sets

      A small improvement for furniture sets in the house editor: You're now only shown a deadline ('valid until') if there actually is one.

    • Small adjustments to texts

      Like in every release there has been some small modifications to the texts, including the correction of spelling errors. E.g. with Tutorix, if you'd like to try one of his exclusive meals, or in the explanation of the Gold Club, whereby the automatic renewal function is explained in more precise terms.

    Further information
    • Mines on Thalassos produce more resources

      As you're already used to with mines outside of the village in Travianland, there is now a small bonus on Thalassos, should you decide to go a little further afield and mine there. The bonus is even a little bit more than that of Travianland.

    • Friend list in text format

      Since the last update it's no longer possible to highlight interface elements in the game, which is usually possible in browsers. This had the undesired side-effect that you were no longer able to select and copy specific bodies of text, namely the friend list. Therefore for those of you who miss this function, we have implemented a small pop-up which lists your friends – allowing you to use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts again.

    • Logout pages have been reworked

      We have modified the functioning of our logout pages to be consistent with other products from Travian Games. So there's no need to wonder if things look a bit different when you next log out.

    • Frozen players are no longer included in the guild leaderboard

      These players were previously included in the calculation of the guild rank although they were no longer included in other leaderboards. This has now been adjusted in order to avoid unfair advantages that frozen players may have.

    • My guild, my clubs: Reports for applications

      You will receive a report when someone applies for your guild. The report will be sent to all players with the right to manage applications.

    • Activity icons

      There are only four levels for the activity icons now:

      Green: Current online
      Yellow: Was online within the last 24 hours
      Red: Was online within the last three days
      Grey: Was not online since more than three days.

    • House editor: Wall Iuventas: Colors were different - fixed
    • House editor: Graphics/icon of Nippon collection failed - fixed
    • House editor: Royal: the wall don't fit together - fixed
    • House editor: Jungle collection: Small stone path could not be placed - fixed
    • Dia features: Changing names of character and pigs did not work in Chrome and Iron - fixed
    • Witch cauldron: 2nd try: when too many ingredients were used, no 3rd chance was possible - fixed
    • Ignore list: Popup: Buttons and footer shifted - fixed
    • Clubs: Club overview: Number of members was not updated - fixed
    • House editor: moving with arrow keys: 'W' moved it too - fixed
    • Cloning: Turn the first house into the second house - fixed
    • Text change: Level requirement to join a guild was removed, text should be adapted too - fixed
    • Valentines collection: Candle holders: Animation stops when leaving the editor - fixed
    • Diary: Thalassos: Help text was wrong - fixed
    • Leprechaun hunt: Quest: After finding 5, the quest was not marked as completed - fixed
    • Leprechaun hunt: Some leprechauns could not be reached - fixed
    • Inventory: Pepper dust: Use now only affects one stack - fixed
    • Sitter rights: Use of diamonds - Change objects - fixed
    • Gold club: Players didn't get a reminder a day before it ended - fixed
    • Gold club: The link "Diamond shop" didn't open it - fixed
    • NPC map: NPC fighters are sometimes a little away from the location on the map - fixed
    • Christmas collection: Angel: The item blinked - fixed
    • Thalassos: Logout: Go home first, wrong text - fixed
    • Enigma: Empty speech bubble - fixed
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    Re: Update 3/14

    A few minor additions have been made to the part about food CAs to prevent any misconceptions:
    • Now the needed participants depend on the number of online players, sleepers are no longer deemed necessary and don't count anymore for food CAs.
    • The needed participants will never exceed the old values of 200 eaters or 71 bathers, even during peak hours.

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    Re: Update 3/14

    The list of bugfixes is added now.

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    Re: Update 3/14

    Due to some unexpected difficulties, the server will stay closed for an hour more. We hope to return by 3pm now.

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    Re: Update 3/14

    The game is online again. We're sorry for the extra delay but welcome back everyone!

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    Re: Update 3/14

    A walkthrough for the first new quest has been added to the FAQ. Special thanks go to RalfB.

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    Re: Update 3/14

    And a walkthrough for the first Co-op quest is available too, with many thanks for mailscotland for assisting me in completing this quest and describing her part of it.

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    Re: Update 3/14

    There has been some confusion about an often requested feature, so we'll include it in the change log more implicitly: "My guild, my clubs: Reports for applications" is added.

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    Re: Update 3/14

    An addition was made to the changelog: the activity icons changed too.