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    Game rules

    The following rules are an addition to the rules in the information menu (the "?" button at the top of the game screen), which are on their turn an addition to the general terms and conditions which you can find in the same help menu. If you are in doubt whether something is allowed, please check all these 3 places. If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact Support. This can be done through the same help menu.

    As per §12 of the General rules, the Travians team reserves itself the right to change rules as deemed necessary. Furthermore, as per §13, changes will come into effect immediately and will be used on the case to be dealt with.
    This means that new rules can be applied to incidents that happened before the rules were officially defined.
    Again you have the option to ask the opinion of the Support team first if you are in doubt whether something is allowed.

    In addition to spamming (repeating a message over and over again), it is also forbidden to troll. Trolling includes off-topic messages, messages with the intent to provoke emotional responses and otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    All names in the game (including players, guilds, clubs and chat rooms) should follow these rules:
    • It only contains alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), spaces and the following characters: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , _ - / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ `{ | } ~
      Exception: Arabic names are allowed within the Arabia chat and should only be reported when used in any of the other 12 official chats. (Make sure to report the chat to prove that this was the case.)
    • There must be a way to properly address the player/club: "names" containing only symbols (like ^_^) are not allowed.
    • It is not (a significant part of) an email address. (We don't allow this to protect players from spam.)
    • It is not insulting, discriminating, inappropriate for younger players or otherwise unethical or against general game rules.
    Names that don't follow these rules should be reported and Support will change them for free. If diamonds are used to change a name into something that is forbidden, it will be changed back to the last allowed name for free but the used diamonds will not be refunded.
    If you are in doubt whether a name is allowed, feel free to ask Support about it before changing it.

    Clubs with player names
    Every player has the right to claim 3 club abbreviations:
    • his/her name
    • "hq_" followed by his/her name
    • "cliff_" followed by his/her name
    If anyone claims one of these clubs with the name of another player, Support reserves the right to remove all members and/or hand the club over to the player who's name was used if he/she requests this.

    Permanent sitting
    "Permanent sitting, which is considered sitting longer than a three (3) week period, is prohibited."
    To clarify this: sitting means "being set as a sitter" here. So permanent sitting is considered performing a sitter login more than 3 weeks after the last login of the account owner, no matter if the sitter played the account actively for 3 weeks or logged in for the first time.

    External links
    §8 of the general rules, about external links, applies anywhere in the game. So not only in chats, profiles and blogs but also on forums for example.

    Although everyone's religion and cultural background are respected, this is a non-religious game. Statements made to convince people that a certain religion is the true one are not welcome in particular.

    Chat room topics
    Each official room in the chat overview has a fixed topic. The list below will explain what is allowed in each of them.
    • Town-Hall and Tavern - Any topic that doesn't fit in the other rooms, of course within the general rules (no advertising, keep it appropriate for all ages, etc.)
    • Support 1 and Support 2 - Any questions about how the game works or help with problems in the game.
    • Arabia - Any topic within the general rules, but for our Arabic speaking players.
    • Games - Search opponents for a (friendly) minigame.
    • Arena - Search opponents for a (friendly) fight.
    • Guilds - Guilds looking for members and players looking for a guild.
    • Clubs - Clubs looking for members and players looking for a club.
    • Food - Anything related to food CAs that take place within the next hour, including explaining how food CAs work.
    • Bath - Anything related to bath CAs that take place within the next hour, including explaining how bath CAs work.
    • and - Buy or sell any of the resources in the picture of the chat.

    Colors on the forum

    The use of colors on the main forum is slightly restricted:
    • Red may only be used by the community manager, SGO and customer service team manager.
    • DarkOrange may only be used by Smods.
    • Blue may only be used by team members.
    All other colors can be used by everyone.
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