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Thread: Don´t get scammed!

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    Don´t get scammed!

    Of course it can be useful to allow other players to access your account or let someone help you manage your guild. Be careful when handing out such rights though. The other player can also cause huge damage and Support will usually not be able to make that undone. This thread will help you to limit the risks.


    If you want to give someone access to your account, always use the sitter function. Never give away your password, even to family or close friends! Choose the rights of the sitter carefully. One important detail is that the "Diamonds" right only allows the sitter to spend diamonds. Buying diamonds is also possible when this right is disabled.

    Guild rights

    Also be very careful to hand out rights in your guild. Only give extra rights to players you really trust and only give them the rights they need for the work you would like them to do.
    Be especially careful with Administrator rights. The only reason to make someone Administrator is to allow him/her to take away your administrator rights and/or remove you from the guild. Everything else can also be done by a subadmin. if someone uses the rights you gave him/her, Support cannot make this undone!

    Your password

    Make sure to keep your password to yourself. Don't save it on a computer that is also used by others, never give it away to anyone (not even Support) and choose one that can't be guessed by others. For the best protection, include both upper and lower case, numbers and other characters such as quotes and dollar signs. If you can't remember such a password, at least try to avoid using names or existing words as your password.

    Also change your password regularly and use different passwords, at the very least one for your e-mail account and a different one for other sites, including Travians.


    If you receive a link from someone, take a look at the context first. It is usually a bad idea to click links without a description what you'll find there. Also ways to earn money quickly or get diamonds for free are usually attempts to steal your password. If you decide to click a link anyway, make sure to have proper malware protection installed and to let it scan your computer regularly.

    Login pages

    If someone sends you a link to a login page, particularly from Travians or your e-mail account, be sure to check the link in the address bar and only enter your details if you are on the real website.
    The screenshot below is obviously fake. If you enter your details here, they are most likely saved so the owner of the website can log into your e-mail account and request a new password for your Travians account. In the worst case, he can even delete your Travians account and change the password of your e-mail account so you can't log in anymore.


    If you receive an e-mail from Travians, especially when asking for private information, be sure to check the address the e-mail was sent from. Travians has no reason to use third party e-mail addresses, so if for example asks you for your password, delete the e-mail and don't reply.
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    Re: Don´t get scammed!

    As there are still quite a few cases of scams, we will enforce a zero tolerance policy from now on when it comes to account security. Anyone who asks for another player's password or spreads a link to a phishing website will be banned permanently when discovered by Support.

    Please keep in mind that Support never asks you for your password or that of your e-mail account!
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