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Thread: How to use the report buttons?

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    How to use the report buttons?

    The team tries very hard to keep the game fun and safe for everyone, but the mods can’t be everywhere at all times. Therefore we could use the help of you, the players. If you see something inappropriate or have questions about a moderator’s behavior, please click the report button () in the chat, IGM, profile, forum post or blog that you find questionable.

    As Support regularly receives reports that miss information that is necessary to look into the matter, this post will explain how the report buttons work and should be used.

    What happens when I click a report button?

    When you click , you will get a popup where you are asked to explain the reason of the report. The game will automatically attach a copy of the chat, blog, profile, forum post or IGM where you clicked the report button. This is the only valid proof of what happened, so make sure to click the report button in the window that you think needs attention from the team.

    Please use the reason text field to explain:
    • who is breaking the rules
    • what rule is broken in your opinion
    • where the incident happened
    When you click the OK button, your message and the automatically generated log are sent to Support. All complaints will be handled strictly confidential and usually you should receive a reply within 24 hours. To protect the privacy of the other player/mod too, you will not hear the details about actions taken based on the report though.

    Ignore list

    It can take up to 24 hours for Support to look into the matter. If you can't wait this long, you can choose to ignore the player (temporarily). To do so, click his/her name and then choose " Put on ignore list".
    Please keep in mind that this does not solve the issue in the long run or for other players, so a report is still welcome.

    Special circumstances

    Names with characters that cannot be typed on a regular keyboard (without alt-codes) are not allowed, but there is one (partial) exception: Arabic names. These are allowed unless they are used in one of the 12 non-Arabic public chats and thus a report is not necessary if you find them in a house chat, fight, minigame or ranking list. If you see them in a public chat, please report that chat and not their profile. This is the only way to prove to Support that a name change is necessary.
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    Re: How to use the report buttons?

    Most players don't have a clear picture of what happens after they hit the report button. To remedy this, here is an explanation of the procedure within the support team.

    As already mentioned above, one of our supporters (also/formerly known as game operators) will take a look at your complaint within 24 hours. Anything bigger than a standard insult or link is usually looked into by multiple supporters. Rest assured that no one deals with complaints from or about themselves, friends or guild mates though.

    All complaints are handled confidentially, also those about mods. All team members signed a contract that allows them to share information only on a need to know basis, even within the team. This means that mods will not hear who reported them, or in fact whether the occasion for any repercussions even was a report.

    Another important thing to know is that Support is not almighty. If you disagree with a decision, you still have several options:
    • If you reply to the message and request a second opinion, a different supporter will review the entire case.
    • If you can't come to an agreement with Support, you can send a complaint to the main admin:
    • If you have a complaint about the admin, you can send it to the company:

    This means that 4 people in different layers of the company need to agree on a decision before it is final and as soon as I find a good candidate, a 5th level will be added again: the subadmin.

    I hope that this information takes away any hesitation to report things when necessary. Although it is not the only way for us to find out about unwanted behavior, it is the most efficient one. And we can only change things if we know about it.

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